Professional Flight Plans

Six flight plans are intended for professional use cases in different industries, most of which are structure inspections and area surveys. The flight plans help to collect high quality imagery data for enhancing the results in image post- processing (2D orthomosaics or 3D models) that can be done in 3rd party applications. Click on a flight plan to learn more:

Top Down Flight Plan Site Flight Plan Perimeter Flight Plan Circle Flight Plan Ellipse Flight Plan Convex Hull Flight Plan

Plan Differences

It is instructive to compare all four missions discussed above on a single easy example, presented below. We use a single structure to include the Perimeter Scan in the comparison and we use no obstacles for simplicity and clarity.

Perimeter Plan (comparison)
Circle Plan (comparison)
Ellipse Plan (comparison)
Convex Hull Plan (comparison)
Convex Hull
Conceptually, the four plans can be sorted according to how well they follow the structures' outline as follows: Perimeter, Hull, Ellipse and Circle, with Perimeter being the plan that is most accurate and Circle the one that is most approximate. All types of plans have ample applications, but it is natural to use Perimeter and Hull for inspection missions and Ellipse and Circle for more cinematographic applications.